pretty things

Rowan was playing with her friend and our neighbor, Eden, yesterday. They were playing lots of pretend in Rowan's room. I love listening to conversations between kids when they don't know that an adult can hear.

A little back-story. Rowan is fussy about shoes...so we've had some drama again as the season has changed about what shoes she will wear for summer. Sandals have not felt right to her after a long winter in boots and regular shoes. A few weeks ago we tried on some of her sandals from last summer/fall that were her favorites---wore them every day. They are plain black sandals...similar to tevas....I got them in the boy section, but other than being black, there isn't anything particularly "boy" about them. I guess a lot has changed between the summer of being 3 and the summer of being 4, because Rowan told me that the sandals felt comfortable...but she didn't like how they looked.

So Eden apparently took these sandals out of Rowan's closet...and this is what I overhead Rowan saying to Eden, in a sort of defensive voice, as I passed by her room:

"Those are the sandals I wore when I was a kid and I didn't care about things being pretty. Now I'm a princess and I care about things being pretty!"

Oh my. It's certifiable: we have a girly girl on our hands.

I have so many personal photos to upload, edit, and share. It's a bit ridiculous. But I also have lots of photos I'm working on for other people (and have 3 more photo shoots this weekend!)....so that's a good thing! Eventually I will get caught up and get everything uploaded.

Also have some updates...including a surprising diagnosis of pneumonia for Piper last week (she's fine now, except for some pretty horrible night-time sleep habits!)..continued progress on the house....and lovely things in Michigan in the summer. I'll get to it all one of these days, promise.